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Episode 23 – Passionate Teams at Spotify

In this episode, I talk to Marcin Floryan, Director of Engineering at the Spotify Playback Tribe. Enjoy 🙂 Here is a short description ofMarcin: I combine my passion for technology and for working with people to create an environment where people can apply their skills and experience working together towards a shared goal. I care […]


Episode 14 – Scrum and Passion, an interview with Dave West

  Key Take-aways: Passion by delivering things that are valued by customers Scrum is a response to the underlying need for empiricism and self-organization for software teams. Now that results in amazing products for customers, because you’re continuously testing your hypothesis by delivering working software to customers, and it also ultimately results in teams that […]


Episode 5 – Interview with Chris Murman

In this episode, we talk to Chris Murman. Chris has spent his IT career focused on how the newest technologies are made and iterate on a better way. That comes from learning to build smarter, harder, faster, more accurately, and with greater transparency. Those are the tenets of how he works. Chris has worked on […]