Remote Retrospectives 101 - The Online Course

Learn how to facilitate successful remote retrospectives

In this course, you'll learn 

  • How to set the stage for remote retrospectives?
  • How to build trust in a remote environment?
  • How to keep participants engaged?
  • What are the best online tools?
  • What are the best activities for remote retrospectives?

The content of the course

Module 1 - Setting the stage for a successful remote retrospective

  • How to prepare for a remote retrospective?
  • How to set the stage in a remote setup?
  • Ideas for breaking the ice before you finally start your successful retrospective.

Module 2 - How to build trust in a remote team environment 

  • How to build a trusting remote environment?
  • Techniques to build trust even in a remote setup.
  • Links to tools and apps, that will support you in your endeavor to build trust in your team. 

Module 3 - Keeping participants engaged over the whole time 

  • How to build a remote team agreement?
  • How to get participants involved in your retrospective?
  • What to do with silent or introvert in your remote retrospective?

Module 4 - What are the best online retrospective tools

  • Overview over the tools on the market? 
  • What is the difference between the tools?
  • My favorite online retrospective tool

Module 5 - What are the best activities for remote retrospectives 

  • My favorite remote retrospective activities
  • How to facilitate those activities
  • Including a template you can use in Miro 

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  • Access to all future updates

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I know Marc from many years ago when I saw him doing a humorous talk at ACE conference. I still remember his anti-advices he was giving to ruin Scrum: “always come late for a daily scrum, always!” That’s why many years and conferences later I’ve invited him to open up a brand new Agile Rock Conference 2018. His opening with a game around a saxophone was hilarious. Exactly what we needed. And by the way, Marc plays Sax very well.

Alexey Krivitsky

Conference Producer

Certified Scrum Trainer

I was very much inspired by Marc's presentation at the Scrumday Europe.

Koen van Buul

Agile Coach 

BDO Nederland

Metro is running a series of talks with industry experts to educate our global organization. We asked Marc to talk about agile mindset since this drives currently our teams. Marc is a passionate speaker and a well known expert in the agile community. The way he presents topics is fun, but you also learn a lot from his broad experience. We received excellent feedback on his presentation from our people.

Timo Salzsieder

CIO Metro AG


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