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The managing ScrumMaster

A common problem in Scrum implementations occur when the former project manager becomes the ScrumMaster in your Scrum project. I call this the phenomenon „The managing ScrumMaster“. But why is it such a problem? From push to pull One of the biggest changes when introducing agile methods like Scrum is the procedure of how the […]


How to mess up your user stories

User Stories are more or less the standard format for managing your product backlog in agile projects. So this is my trigger to let you know how to completely mess them up 😉 I collected a short list of my favorites, let’s start. Missing Roles Don’t define any roles! It is much more fun to […]


7 things to sabotage an AgileCoachCamp

I’m currently participating at the Agile Coach Camp Germany 2010 in Rückersbach near Frankfurt. As some of you already know I’m a lightning talk addict and so I couldn’t resist to do a one this evening. After a bunch of great talks I did my talk on the topic „7 things to sabotage an AgileCoachCamp“. […]


How to kick off your new Scrum team

I’m currently working on a recipe on how to kick off a new Scrum team that is completely new to agile practices and Scrum. After some iterations I came up with the following recipe. The ingredients: 1 team 1 team charter 1 team room 1 experienced Scrum coach 1 Scrum training at least 1 whiteboard […]


Ball Point Game

Welcome to yet another Scrum Blog on the web. In this blog I want to talk about my experience with Scrum and other agile processes and techniques. In this first article I want to talk about the „Ball Point Game“… On Monday and Tuesday this week I had my Certified Scrum Master training in munich. […]

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